Body Kit source for porsche 906

I am creating a scratch built 906 of sorts. Starting with a scanned scale blueprint vector files are being created for each piece of tubing. I am looking to recreate as accurately as possible the space frame as the starting point. Does any one have any dimensions for tubing diameter and thickness for the space frame.

With the 3d space frame completed the fun begins. Examining the Historic plan set for weakness when I introduce a 55 kilo motor producing 240 Nm of torque with an RPM range of 2000 to 8000, maxing out at 11000 rpm.
High density energy storage and ultra caps will be part of the mix.
If you have a 906 body mold set I would like to commission something special. I also have a contact for custom DOT compliant windshield manufacturer interested in filling a specialty niche. this is an inspiring site. I have the cad cam software to run a five axis mill like the one creating molds seen in another thread. I do not want to reinvent the wheel here the designers that built this vehicle using slide rules and adding machines are giants. I would like to build on their work.:idea:

Jac Mac

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According to my info; First cars had 30mm dia by 1.5mm wall main & cross tubes, later versions have wall thickness increased to 2.0mm.

Randy V

Welcome to GT40s!

Good luck on your search - hopefully someone here will be able to assist..

Looking forward to seeing another EV car on the roads in a classic chassis!!



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Would you be prepared to supply me with the raw data for the suspension geometry of the 906 Chris ? relative positions of the various pick up points on the chassis and wishbone lengths etc ?

I'm just starting the CAD drawing stage of my 'generic GT' and not having to design my own suspension would save me no end of time ( I don't trust myself to get it right, my current knowledge of roll centres and the like is pretty sketchy )

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Hi Guys

If you want a chassis they are £6000 if you want a body they are £6000 also.


Hi Morten.
Any progress on the 906 project?
I am looking at sourcing drawings and information for a future project
Hope to hear from you (tried the email, but got it in retour)