Scott Calabro

Who has one?

David Morton maybe?

My Gibraltar Heuer (Bond) is getting tired and I've been lusting after a new black and yellow Super-Ocean for some time now .... anyway some great advert videos on this link.

Check out Racing for Anna and Breitling's Super Connie :heart:

Click on "Air Time"

They're definitely nice watches. I have about three or four of them stacked up in the drawer, barely used. A relative of mine was a pilot on a certain country's air force demonstration flying team and Brietling sponsored them every year and gave away watches like crazy to the pilots. I got the hand-me-downs.

They certainly feel and look the part of a quality watch.

David Morton

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Yes - I have a collection of watches and one is the rare Cosmonaut on the Mobylot strap. Everyday wear is the steel GMT. Ironically my 3 daughters each wear the CWC G10 Mil general issue watch - I suppose they are easier to give away if they get mugged. For posh they got the bi-metals on their 21st's. My eldest was on a University Air Squadron at RAF Leeming flying the Bulldogs so she did have some provenance for her G10. She says.
My final and 'bestest' is going to be and known as the the 'IWC Small' (cos there is a large or big one) or often referred to as the "The Double".
Goes to show you can always tell a pilot - "Big watch, big Raybans, Big ........"
What does a pilot use for contraception ? His personality.....
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Scott Calabro

Cliff...get those out of the drawer and post some pics, I'd be interested to buy if you are to sell.

Nice collection David.

Did you ever find the Heuer you were looking for a while back?
I like the look and mechanisms of Breitlings, but they tend to be very big, not elegantly slim dress watches. Someone once rudely said that Breitlings were so large you could see them from satellite orbit, like the Great Wall of China.