Bryan's GT-Forte build

The 930 has the advantage that the shafts exit above the centre line of the engine.
The 01E/01X shafts exit below and that limits how low you can fit the engine.

The 01E is a reasonable compromise if you're not running big power (rated for 450Nm) but it comes at the expense of that fitment and the engine will have to be higher or if required tilted "nose down" to fit.

Terry Oxandale

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To add to that, if the inverted 930 is used, I found that a dry sump is required unless you raise the engine up to location that the O1E would be, which allows a shallow wet sump, but puts a lot (my opinion) of angle into the half-shaft. With that said, I did lop off the bottom 1" or so of the adapter plate because it hung lower than the 930 bellhousing, and didn't appear to provide any strength benefit.
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To be utterly honest having angle in the half-shafts is not the end of the world. They're designed to do 120k+ at the normal angles, so what if they're reduced to a 10th of that by running them at extreme the kind of typical usage our cars will see that's 5-6 years use! Plus in the 930 sizes CV joints are cheap (not to mention available in high angle versions).

Don't forget as well that *normally* a SBF in a RWD car would have the engine tilted slightly rearwards, something like 3 degrees in a Mustang *and* in a GT40 the entire chassis is nose down (so a level engine relative to the chassis would end up nose down).

So by all means angle the engine to drop the output shaft level while retaining some oil pan clearance. I wouldn't be overly concerned at 4-5 degrees tail down.
Been awhile since i posted. I need help deciding on chromoly tubing for all my suspension. I dont know what size tubing everyone is using. Butt i need to order tubing soon. Im thinking 1 inch with .125 sidewall thickness for all my a arms, trailling arms, rear a arms and links. Some one chime in of what you used??? I also bought a g96 porsche transaxle with factory lsd. This was suggested by the guy at G box. Im going to build up a roller 351 w probably will build to a 408cid. Let me know yalls thoughts thanks guys.
Lets see.

Radius arms were 25.4mm OD with 1.63mm wall. Think rear top arms are the same.

Front arms and rear reversed A-arms 22.22mm OD with 2.64mm wall
Bush sections were cut from 28.58mm OD again with 2.64mm wall.

All obviously CDS.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
The only .125" wall tubing I'm using is the lower control lateral links (front and rear). All other tubes are swaged (swedged, etc) .090", which includes the lower compression (front) tube, and all rear lateral links, and upper arm tubes.