Build trolley


I am preparing for my Tornado build and thinking of a build trolley on wheels to move it easily.
Do you have any proposal on suitable measurements?
Width and length to have a stable foundation but without blocking areas to much?
Suitable height to be able to get under the car but not too high working inside etc?

Any design ideas or maybe even trolleys of your own?

/ Joacim


This will work. Just ceck the rear position to make sure that the engine crane can be moved into its place when installing the engine.


I wish I had taken some better photos of the dollies that I used to roll my project around the shop but they are gone now. I bought a couple of surplus guided missile carrier dollies from Raytheon here in Tucson. They had an aluminum frame with four ball-bearing swivel wheels with thin polyurethane tires. They rolled easily and could be locked into position. I don't know their load capacity but it must have been in the 2000 lb range.


Make some of these. I have been using them for almost 20 years now.
@Howard Jones Thanks but I won't have the wheels mounted all the time so these are not so useful. However I have 1 pair of similar things and currenly one is serving as transaxle dolly :)
I have purchased a pair of the ones I mentioned above and newly painted garage floor - all set to receive the chassis :)
What kind of car do you have on the images - looks cool ;)


I got a set of these from Paul B when he had his SGT on wheels, what I love is the height they give its so much easier working on the car at a reasonable height but its best to "fix" to the chassis with big cable ties as its possible for it to slip.

They move perfectly round the garage. I think originally they were made by Mick at SGT, simple enough box section and decent castors, when done with I shall be passing them on to the next mad person who builds a GT40 :)



Oh and I forgot to add Neil I love the Guided Missile Carrier dollies you "popped" in to buy :)

Lordy if we did that now we would have the FBI / MI5 charging our doors down, mind you not a lot of that missile stuff appears on e-Bay these days....He he