BUYER BEWARE- Older KCC GT40 Imports from South Africa to UK


Hi fellow GT40 Enthusiasts,
This is a quick shout to any enthusiasts thinking of buying older KCC GT40’s (known as KVA's in the UK) from South Africa.
I am fortunate enough to personally own two GT40’s from SA that I was eventually after much effort and energy able to register as Classics in the UK with the DVLA this past year.
I hope that fellow enthusiasts can benefit from the mistakes I made and lessons I learnt when buying older KCC models from SA.
The Authentication of these cars is extremely difficult and the UK DVLA are extremely strict getting these cars registered in the UK as Classic’s as the manufacturer of these cars went out of business years ago.
Providing the correct original documentation acceptable to the DVLA is critical. The DVLA know exactly what sources are acceptable to them as they have examples as a matter of records on file.
Any attempt to import using a South African registration document will immediately result in a Q plate if the document states “Built up” clearly in the title with no date of manufacture. This is therefore not acceptable to the DVLA for Classic registration. In addition anyone thinking of attempting to falsify authentication documentation should be aware this is a criminal offense and could end up with the car impounded as well as the potential for criminal proceedings when the DVLA come and inspect the car…(they inspected mine).
Any UK enthusiasts out there needs to ensure they see sight of all the correct Original Authentication papers not e-mails or photocopies which are unacceptable to the DVLA before they part with any hard earned money to a SA seller or agent.
So Buyer beware guys/girls….buying blind with no experience is an absolute minefield….forewarned is forarmed as it’s said….:)
I am happy to assist any Enthusiasts who might like to have me look at any Authentication paperwork supplied by SA Sellers to assess its likely validity for UK registration. Please private message me if you think I can help.
Best to all GT40 bods out there.
Hi Marcus, I’ve just joined the forum and don’t yet have a GT40 (rep). I’m interested in part built or car needing refurb work as I don’t have a workshop and I don’t have a huge budget. Do you have any sources in SA where I could maybe find a car? Dom

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Welcome Dom,
it would be worthwhile sharing where you are in the world.
Makes the potential cars pool a bit more focussed