need tie rods for original GT40 rack and pinion steering

Good afternoon fellow GT40 wrenches,

the tie rods on my GT40 (chassis P2240) have developed some play and I'd like to replace them. Apparently there is a company in the UK, which services the whole rack and pinion unit. However, the company is unknown to me and I'd like to replace the tie rod ends myself. I'd appreciate if someone could tell me the parts source and numbers which would fit. The rack and pinion unit is a very nice looking assembly with what looks like a magnesium housing. The tie rod ends screw on the rack and have some sort of a securing sleeve inside. Apparently, they are tightened with tube pliers as there is no hex of flat surface to put a spanner on.

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Chris from Munich

GT40 steering tie rod.jpeg

GT40 steering rack housing.jpeg


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Give Mark at Rare Drive a call 603-642-8144. They have restored a number of cars and can point you in the right direction.