c-clip rear axle and 4 piston calipers ?

Does anyone have any experience with running opposed piston calipers on a solid rear axle with c-clip retainers? I'm worried about knock back being too much of a problem since I'm already getting it with the stock floating calipers.

My differential uses the play of the rear axles to help create more locking force in corners, so if I run a c-clip eliminator, I would have less locking force.

I would like to run different rear calipers since my current OE ones don't have a good pad selection and have too much piston area to work well with my front setup.

I was thinking of using 4 piston wilwood with anti knock back springs, but I'm not sure if that's the best idea.
From what I understand, floating rotor mounts only allow for radial runout and allow the rotor to expand freely with heat. They do not allow for this lateral runout.