CAV GT Fuel vapor

I was always a bit annoyed by the fuel vapors coming from the car. After one night in the garage , it smells a lot.

I decided to re design the fuel system around the tank.

First: i switched to the new alu tank from CAV
second: i replaced the fuel caps by sealed fuel caps from Gelscoe. i also redirected the overfow fuel pipe inwards in the tube.
third : as fuel caps were no more vented, i vented the tanks on the rear side by installing rollover valves
fourth : i put a 2 II Much canister on each side to collect fuel vapor.
and now its 100% clean !
see attached pictures


A 05.02.2008 manufacturing date on your fuel cells? Marcel, most bladder- type fuel cells have a certified life of five years. Might this be a source of some fuel vapors?

Bill Kearley

GT40s Supporter
Wish I had known sooner, I have drawings for CAV tanks ment to fit No. 193, a two year old tub, if you like. If you don't mind, what did they cost?

Bill Kearley

GT40s Supporter
Yes, not much to them, wont be to hard to make but a small mod will have to be made to the front end of the tub in order to slide them in. I made my own before I had the drawings and may change them sooner than later, may go with a bladder, not sure.