CAV Shift Knob


PM me your email address, I will send you a drawing, you can have any local machine shop make one up for you! You can do it with or without the recess in the top for an emblem. I made that myself, printed with one of my UV printers.


Jimmy P

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Hi John, Nice to see you "personalizing" your new ride. If you replace the shift knob can I have or buy the old one back from you? Thanks and hope all is well.

Jimmy P

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Great to hear John. You should now be getting the type of weather where you can enjoy her more and allow the car to stretch her legs. I miss her still.

Thanks for sending along the knob. A friend made it for me so I'd like to have it since it was given as a gift.

Brian Kissel

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Walt, I don't think he will get your PM. Last time he signed on was 28th March 2017 07:43 AM. Not saying he hasn't been back and not signed on but it's not looking good. There was no personal email addy in his contact info either.

Regards Brian