CAVs at Road America!

Take it easy on me fellas, I'm new to this forum stuff! Constructive criticism only please.
I just wanted to share my Birthday weekend with you all. Thursday-Friday-Saturday I spent at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wis. I shipped both of my CAV cars there for display. Friday was the first day I made it to the track, just in time to take the "Tour", up to 70 mph with 100 other drivers also! That itself was a little crazy, an Iroc Z locked up his brakes next to me in a turn and nearly lost control.
How about this, while driving my Gulf colored car with 48IDAs in the Paddock, I stopped at Rob Waltons trailer, there she was, 1075! I got out and walked over to scope her out and who should be standing next to me? Brian Redman, Jack (John?)Surtees, and of course Rob, did I have my camera? NO! Boy, did I feel silly. If you've never been to Road America I highly recomend it, I met tons of great people and had a ball showing the CAVs. George Stauffer was also there with several cool cars, what a gentleman. Several other GT 40s too. On Friday night the race cars drive into town for a show, about dusk all the spectators line the streets as the cars screem out of town wheels spinning and engine tached out!!! What a wild seen that was, it alone was worth the trip. Just thought you all might enjoy hearing about it.
Scott sounds like you had a hell of a birthday..The car looked and sounded great the last time I saw it befoe it was delivered to the track. That must have been a pretty sight seeing it coming off the trailer. Good luck with her.
Thanks Vic! Even though it was the first time in my 41 years I spent my Birthday with no family, the Gulf car did soften the blow! WOW what an awesome machine, I wrote one order, sent 2 prospects to our Michigan dealer, and will most likely close 3 more from the event. While driving it past the track entrance I was waved out of the paddock towards the track area, the track stewards thought it was real too! I had a hard time convincing them I was not going out! BIG FUN!