Cima transaxle


Looking for advice on this gearbox, has anyone fitted this box to a 302, what bellhosing is required etc

Many thanks

Hi Mr Gearfox

I am fitting a Ford V8 302 small bock in my 40, i already have the engine so i was just checking out all the options for a transaxle. I guess i would require an interface plate or modified bell housing to suit, also not sure about the spigot bearing and what mods are required there.

Many thanks
I do not know what is a Ford 302, but there is a Ford Cobra V8 4.7 L already made by Koenigsegg using a FFD instrumented concentric release bearing together with an AP Racing twin organic disks 240 mm of diam, capable of transfering 1.000 Nm + 50% of safety factor.
I think that Mr Von Koenigsegg will not have problems to supply:
  1. 1 bell housing
  2. 1 flywheel
  3. 1 starter motor
  4. 1 release bearing
  5. all the necessary "peanuts" to achieve the installation
You could purchase directly the clutch from AP Racing.
Do not hesitate to contact me for further informations.
Best Regards
it is sufficient that the bellhousing pattern and the crankshaft position are the same. If not, there is the possibility to use a bellhousing made to interface that engine to the old ZF. The ZF is bolted to the bellhousing with 6 bolts. The Cima has 10 bolts, but 6 of them are in the same position of the ZF. Then it is just the matter to produce an inputshaft according to the application,
221,260,289,302 usually known as "small block" Ford V-8, using the same bell-housing bolt pattern from 1965 on. The 1962 thru 1964 221,260, & 289 blocks had a smaller diameter bolt pattern for the bell housing as well as a smaller diameter flywheel.