Clamshell hinges

Bart Roberts

Since I'm scratch building I'd like some advice on clamshell hinges. I'd like to start aligning body panels. I tried internet searching and there are more replicas than originals. Not that I intend to replicate the originals 100% but I would like to see what the originals look like. I would also like to see any replica builds that you feel the hinges work well. Thanks.
How SAFIR did it. Pretty original


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Bart Roberts

So what is generally used as the pivot in the parrots? Is this urethane bushing or some type of bearing? I appreciate the pic because I had in my mind the parrot would have been upside down so the weight of the rear clamshell would hold it better.
It just slides against a steel bobbin. No bearing, bushing or similar.
It is orientated that way in order to lock the clamshell in place. If you rotate it the other way you might be able to lift the rear of the claim when it is closed.