Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

Seems you can vote one time everey day !!!! I tried 3 days ago after voting the day before and to day again ? seems vote number have changed second after ??????? is it that possible o_O it's me or am missing something
Could be the reason why that "weird car" have so many votes and Brian beeing so far ?????:mad:

I checked also to day to do a second vote! immediatly after the first ; this time the site gave the message " you already vote " so there is already a safety barrier ?????
have not read all rules ..... may be there is an article on rules explaining that stuff ???
Could some one try ????? and report
I think I discovered the "trick" used by others to win !!!!!!
What do you think ?

Ok ; Brian it's up to you
are you contacting the organiser ? Have you check the rules ? Are we allowed to do so ? Do they have record of how people is voting ?
If yes ...... it's just to pass the message to all mates and do a HUDGE everyday Vote at breakfeast time LOL ;)
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Randy V

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I tried a second time and it said “You already voted!”…

Brian Stewart
Thank you to all who have voted. Much appreciated. No idea how the voting works, but I just re-tried and got he already voted message.

Brian Kissel

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Not sure what the difference is, but it just allowed me to vote for the 3rd time. I’m using DuckDuck Go to access GT40S. Other than that, nothing special.
Very very strange ; today I tried again like all those past days and NO WAY to vote again ?????? :rolleyes: o_O
OK do not know what is happening and will follow to try to vote every day ..................................
Unfortunatly on my side after those 3 votes allowed beginning of the week it gives me the message now ; "you already voted" :oops:
But will do and redo again !!!!!:p trying to vary hours of vote ???
Have informed all friends who voted the possibility to add some !!!! ;)
Hey mates if you are reading this thread ; try again to vote we need to push our friend with his magnificent car to 1rst position !!!!! LOL
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