Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

Brian Stewart
Another couple of days down in Invercargill helping John. All gauges, warning lights and switches wired up and operational, as are the electric water pump, speedo, wiper, and windscreen washers. Both fuel tanks now in, filler necks installed and filler caps both on.


Brian Stewart
Some more progress. Wiper motor on and arm sweeping a decent arc; door pulls fitted; coil and distributor on and plug leads made; dash pretty much finished, with all switches, gauges and lights functional; brake and clutch reservoirs in. (whoops - already posted the wiper photo...)


Looks fantastic. The "Competition Blue" looks perfect.
whats going on with the hand brake? I no nothing about how the originals were done in this area. I presume the level is from an Anglia or something. What did it actuate at the wheels?

Regards Ryan

Brian Stewart
Yes, the lever is a modified 105e Angelia item. It pulls on a lever that depresses the brake pedal. There is an exploded diagram in the parts manual showing how it works.

Brian Stewart
Spent Friday getting the full system into final shape. Looking good and, even better, the SW pumps are making all the right noises. Now we just need to connect the lines to the tanks and see if there are any leaks...



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Running out of words here Brian.
There is truly some great work going on down there in NZ finishing your car.
Love that original FISPA set up !
I had a look at your car when I was down in Invercargill in June, really really impressed with the workmanship and skill of Dave`s team. The work on your car is top class, I was intrigued to see Colin Giltrap take delivery of his new continuation Jaguar complete with origional oil leeks.....seems to me that Dave has been building continuation Jaguars given the detail and quality of his build, Wonder what the difference in price was.

Brian Stewart
Thanks Russell. I suspect Colin will have paid at least twice what Dave could have done it for.