Cleanin' out the shed! Roush Stage 3 intake kit

I was keeping this for the Mangusta, but that has moved on to a new owner. Don't worry, have not gone over to the dark side yet, bought a Pantera just to keep the punishment up!! So far car is doing just that....nicknamed her "Erica" (Days of Our Lives....Susan Luci...!) Owned it 5 months and still haven't driven it more than off the trailer and into the garage. But progress is happening!

Anyway, I have a new in box Stage 3 Roush intake kit minus the hood. It appears to be about as complete as I can possibly discern from the packing list and by digging thru the huge boxes. Intake (3 pcs), Cobra calibrated computer, 24lb injectors, new rails, one V/C, very large throttle body unit, pipes, hoses, small parts galore, and a monster package of documentation.

This is all packaged in three very large boxes. I don't have a picture of them as they are stuffed in my shed...but here is a shot of what the intake looks like as seen probably here in the past!

I would like $3500 for this kit, again no hood. Kit with hood retailed over $5K if popular rumor can be believed.