1. G

    Bump Steer eliminater

    I am having an issue with bump steer. Has anyone ever installed a bump steer eliminater on their SLC. If so, how did it work and what kit works with the SLC? Any help would be appreciated. Godspeed
  2. D

    Emissions good news for the UK

    We've just received a call from the Department for Transport confirming that they will not proceed with the part of the emissions regulation proposals that affected kit cars. There were over 2000 responses to the consultation. A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The UK’s...
  3. bill kearley

    Painfull Painless

    Caution, I have installed Painless kit #10144 . I had to modify it to stop the chance of 40 amps in a 16 g wire. A test also over heated the output 16 g wire from the relay I was about to use for a fuel pump. the kit was a big waste of money and wouldn't like to see anybody go up in smoke.
  4. C

    Hello from Thunder Bay

    Hello, i am the new guy from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada with a 1967 Fiberfab Avenger GT-12 built on a EMPI modified 1960 VW chassis with a twin carb, dual port 1600cc engine! I know, I know, it's only a look alike GT40, an old kit car; but, it's all I have and it means a lot to me.
  5. KENS80V

    FS USA RCR GT40 wiper kit "It's a Snap" (new)

    This is a brand new "It's a Snap" wiper kit that was sold for use in RCR GT40 cars. Price is in US Funds ($150 shipped).
  6. J

    Introduction and the Common Request

    Hello. My name is Jason and I joined the site to learn more about the SLC. I am in Bristow, VA just west of Manassas and 30 miles outside of DC. I have been drifting across different motorcyle and car scenes for a long time and the SLC seems like a perfect fit for me. After some time in VA...
  7. R

    Can AC be added later

    I am looking to buy or build a GT40 replica. I have seen multiple GT40's that don't have AC. How hard is it to add? I haven't found a kit yet other than a kit car manufacturer. Has anyone add ac after a build? Any pics of the AC install? Thought about electric driven compressors vs engine driven.
  8. P

    351w for sale.

    This engine was built at great expense to be used in a fast road/track day 1965 classic Ford Mustang but due to unforeseen personnel circumstances is now being offered for auction. The price is less than what has been spent on it and this will include crating and shipping to a UK address, we...
  9. T

    Kit Car Builder & Forum Sponsor Checking In!

    Hello All, My name is Tino and I'm excited to be here! It almost reads like an AA meeting intro, doesn't it? :drunk: I was born into the kit car world about 6.5 years ago when stumbling upon a second hand GTM Gen. 1 build in the Toronto area. At the time it had been my goal to restore a...
  10. L

    GT40 kit completed the most

    There are quite a few kits on the market and larger and smaller companies offering them. I have read a few of the build logs to see what some builders experiences are with the kits and understand some are easier or others need more fabrication. My question (horribly worded) is what kit would you...
  11. brettmcc

    UK: Proposed changes to emissions

    All (especially UK), Please read the items in the link and please put forward your view. In a nutshell, it looks as though the emissions relaxation for our kit/replica cars is being proposed to be withdrawn. It means you'd have to meet current emissions. I am also reading it that it may...
  12. C

    FS USA Power Wiper Kit

    Its a Snap! Brand new, never used, wiper kit includes wiper motor, wiring, switch, wiper transmissions which fits common sized wiper arms, and aluminum tubing for housing the drive cable. This came with the RCR GT-40 parts. Max dimensions: 37 L x 6 W x 6 D + Heavy Duty Wiper Motor + Wiring...
  13. B

    Tillet seat question

    What model Tillet seats come with the Superlite kit?
  14. G

    289 Kit

    Used steel 289ci rotating kit. Internally balanced knifed edged steel crank, 2" big ends. 927" pin, 5.7" steel H beam rods giving an excellent rod ratio. 0.030" over pop up forged CP pistons. New set of Clevite big end and mains bearings with kit. £650. Parts location NN14
  15. F

    Cleanin' out the shed! Roush Stage 3 intake kit

    Guys, I was keeping this for the Mangusta, but that has moved on to a new owner. Don't worry, have not gone over to the dark side yet, bought a Pantera just to keep the punishment up!! So far car is doing just that....nicknamed her "Erica" (Days of Our Lives....Susan Luci...!) Owned it 5...
  16. N

    New GTD40 Kit Owner

    Hello All, I recently inherited a GTD40 kit from my Father. He built 2 kit cars - an Austin Healey & 427 Cobra replica. He started this GTD40 but decided he didn't want to complete it as he is now 79 years old. He asked me if I wanted to finish it. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago so am...
  17. D

    Helper Springs

    What helper spring (part# pls) should I get for use with the Ramlift kit and shorter QA1 springs provided? Thanks
  18. M


    I would like to know if there is Gt-Forte on the road now , and how is the kit , and service after the sale ? Thanks
  19. N


    Just saying hello to you all, new member to the Kit Car scene.
  20. L

    RCR/SLC adapter plate G96.01

    I think there's a couple people who've used the RCR/SLC adapter kit for the g96.01 and LS. All I received was the adapter plate and flywheel. I know others have at least gotten bolts but I'm not sure about instructions. I've got a donor flexplate from an 04 C5, but it doesn't seem to align...