Cleaning fuel tanks


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Once I start the restoration of my GTD I'm going to need to give the fuel tanks some serious de-gunging
If you take a look at the fuel filters you'll see what I'll be dealing with!
Any suggestions? It'll need to be pretty strong stuff.....



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Are they bladder tanks? If so they probably should be replaced, if metal tanks, you may wish to pull them out, get them cleaned with hot solvent and coated internally with a proper sealant.

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Try a gal of this stuff. Pour it full strength into the tank. First remove the tank from the car and plug the drain port. Make a metal cover for the fuel level sender and seal that also. Then cover the fill pipe with a piece of hose that is plugged with a piece of solid dowel and hose clamped in place.

Now put the tank into the back of a pickup truck, (tied down) and drive it around for a few days. The sloshing around will work the full inside of the tank. Now drain the B12 into a container and inspect it to see if the gas resin has been dissolved. If it worked a bit repeat with the same B12 and a longer time period. If it's really bad maybe 2 or 3 gals more of new B12.

This should work, I used it once to clean out a lawn mower gas tank and after a few days riding around in the back of my pickup it came out pretty clean and usable.

Once you are done, rinse out with a couple of gallons of gas. Do something with the contaminated gas that is good for the environment..............

Do I need to tell you to be careful with all that flammable fuel? Naw I guess you got that.

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If the tanks are steel?. the rust in the filter I'm thinking they are.

You would be better off to have them stripped and plated.

The rust will likely be on the bottom, you can fill the tank with white vinegar and neutralize with bicarb soda afterward.

If you don't spend the time it will haunt you.