Clutch pipe size?

Out of interest, what size clutch pipe have people installed?

I am using a un1 transaxle and full size mustang clutch, so am thinking that 3/16ths might be a bit small.

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
I run 3/16 and on fast full power changes the glitch slips for a bit before grabbing.

If I was doing it again I would run 1/4 or have the slave sleeved down so as not to move so much fluid to disengage the clutch fully

Normal road use no problems at all

Its relative to Master Cyl bore size & fluid flow, bigger bore shifts more fluid so therefore requires bigger dia, better to play it safe & use 1/4". More likely to cause problems on clutches with diaphragm during power/high rpm shifts where the diaphragm is held flat or over/center due to centrifugal force.