Cobra With All Alum. Body and a Surprise . . .

Robert S.

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Did you see Jim’s GT40?
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I still drool every time I see that car


Drooling is always permitted here. No, I didn't know that car existed. Guess I need to pay more attention.

I marveled at the quantity, variety, and uniqueness of all the changes. I don't know what else to call them. The paint was way out there, but it appeared mean and mighty in the shadows of the night — kind of Bad Boy. Center driver too was out there. I was trying to conjure up the expressions on the faces of the numerous GT40 purists — this would be their greatest nightmare, I suppose.

I was made to believe by Lance and Josh and the other purists that I had ruined my car by driving without back window (which I still have), without metal screens at the rear, and adding switches on the dash that lite, and installing new costly gauges that sport real safe lighting for night driving. Man, if they saw Jim's car they might view my car as normal.

Thanks for sharing this vehicle. No doubt I'll go back for more peeks and contemplations. For today, you are a gift that keeps on giving my friend . . . Soulcoaxer :thumbsup: