1. soulcoaxer

    Cobra With All Alum. Body and a Surprise . . .

    The whole body was brushed, then they polished the wide center stripe like a mirror. One Short Movie, Two File Sizes 10 BM File Here: 15 BM File Here: GT40 p2285|Media|Videos|Photos|Artwork
  2. J

    Vacuum pumps.

    Hi all I am looking at fitting a pump to my servos . Mine just don't feel like they are working properly . Have to press pedal quite hard . My question is has any body fitted an electric servo pump and any for or against .. Thanks all .. John.
  3. J

    Hydrolic rams .

    Hi all I was just thinking about the rear body section on my 40. And wondered if any body had fitted hydraulic rams to support and keep in place ? Any ideas guys and gals please .. Thanks all JOHN
  4. 7

    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    I was looking at RCR's web site and saw that you can order your body with no flares, 2" flares, or 4" flares. It seems that, if going with 15" wheels, the front tire size is pretty fixed at a 225 wide tire. I was just wondering what the different tire sizes that'll fit with the stock body...
  5. C

    FS USA Door Eyebrows

    Door Eyebrows, as delivered in raw form from RCR. New, never used/mounted. $90, plus flat-rate shipping from Colorado. From RCR's site...."All GT40s have doors that cut deeply into the roof. At high speed, the doors tend to lift out of the body. These lightweight fiberglass "eyebrows" keep...
  6. R

    Identify This Replica If Possible

    Hi. New guy here. My buddy bought a storage unit with a GT40 project car inside. We are trying to figure out who made the chassis. The car has never been on the street. It has a ZF 5-speed, new engine, Flaming River rack and pinion, chrome snake-nest exhaust--(says RS Type), Vintage Air AC...
  7. P-nut

    New canards

    It's winter, and the driving season for this year is still months away. So this is the time to get a couple of things done on the SLC. One task was to install these carbon fiber canards on the car. Ed helped out and we got them installed in about 2 hours. It would be half that time for the...
  8. J

    KVA build instructions

    Does somebody have build instructions for a KVA. Chassis in not the problem, its all the other stuff that needs to fitted to the chassis. I bought a stranded project. A rolling KVA chassis with body & ancileries fully dismantled Need guidelines as I want to do it correct. Body is a MK2 &...
  9. S

    Chassis plans

    Does anyone sell chassis plans for scratch-builders? I have seen the plans from Chris Melia and Renee. I was just curious if there are any plans that could be purchased that are verified to fit a certain body?
  10. M

    Drive before body shop

    Taking a few drive before the trip to the body shop- Slc first drive - YouTube
  11. Mark IV

    FS: 1973 Lotus Europa TC "Big Valve" 5 speed **SOLD**

    I have always wanted a Europa Twin Cam. It is one of my "Bucket List" cars (the GT40 and Cobra boxes have been ticked off now) and I acquired a 1973 blue "Big Valve" Europa with the hard to find five speed transaxle. This car was disassembled in 1988 and has been stored since. Reality has...
  12. K

    where to buy a body gt40 at a low price?

    I thought to buy a kit in the Tornado, but I learned that it is impossible to delivered a ready frame into our country (Kazakhstan). Сustoms will not allow. In addition, I will have to pay at customs a percentage of the cost of the body. Where can I buy the body GT40 MK1 at the lowest...
  13. M

    Race Tail Body Mounting

    Been staring at this for a while and can't quite figure it all out. I have an SL-C with a race tail and was looking to see if someone has some pictures of the mounting of the diffuser and the hinging of the tail. My diffuser brackets are back ordered and I don't have any hinges or brackets for...
  14. J

    Exhaust sealent .

    Hi all does anybody know what the blue sealent that Edd China uses on his exhaust . Is called please Or can any body recommend a good flexible sealent . Thanks John....
  15. Dan carter

    Body Cup Holders - Keep or Remove?

    Gents, sorry for a thread on this, but got to ask. Going to do some glass work on main body. Read several of you got rid of the "cup holders"., others drilled holes to drain. I don't see any practical need for them. So before they get removed, any rational reason to keep them that I'm...
  16. M

    Motec Lamda table

    Any body able to take a screen shot of a Lamda table there using ?
  17. J

    JWA Mirage M1 Body shell

    Hello, Looking for supplier that makes 1967-68 JWA Mirage M1 body shell. Thank You Joey Allen
  18. M

    Just thinking

    I was just surfing through "Lotus" on ebay & noticed a couple of Elise chassis for sale. Interesting little units. I wonder if you could adapt a body (say Mclaren Mk6) to it? Just one of those what ifs? LOL
  19. 7

    Sydney Australia fibreglass body shop

    Hi All, just got my car back from Roaring Forties after having the body fitted, does anyone know of a good fibreglass body shop in Sydney that they can recommend please? thanks, john 0411 793 033
  20. M

    Mclaren M6 body?

    Is there anyone that makes an M6 body in the States? Or an M1? Thinking down the road to maybe doing a Mclaren. I like the earlier more rounded bodies than the M8s. Cheers