Cool car in need of Fran's chassis


I ran across a picture and then did a little searching. What a cool looking car....make a great "team" car to the LMP here.....but the 70's chassis is sure to let the aero down. Just thought it was cool to view, not as an alternative but Alex could use something to stick that BBC in the back of with almost as little room as a 917 in the cockpit I imagine.

Larry L.

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The car is just "Buck Rogers" enough to 'ring my chimes' in the looks dept...except for its rear wing. That looks like it could have come off the A-bomb in the movie "Dr. Strangelove". :stunned:
Huh....rarely leave this section of forum other than to search an idea. @136hp, the chassis can probably suffice, but if the aero half way worked with modern tires, I'd think it have trouble at speed. Then again with all that aero and 136hp, it may never reach "speed". Still think its a cool body.