Data Logging

has anybody run a modern data logging system on their car while in competition?
A few titbits such as grip of modern tyres, speed versus horsepower would be very illuminating !!

Hi Robert,
I have installed Astratech logging on Roy Smart's MK1 GTD40. It logs Speed / RPM / Lateral G / Longitudinal G / Throttle position / Brake Pedal Position / Steering Position / Oil Pressure / Injection rail Fuel Pressure / Lambda Sensor.
By measuring front and rear wheel speeds we can also determine wheelspin.

We have used the logging extensively over the past three years and using an I/R beacon we get lap times to 0.01s. The results are interesting and give an insight into each drivers good and bad points. I'll see if I can post a follow up with some screenshots.

In car video is also useful and often proves that what you remember is not what happened. For example - at the final Longleat hillclimb last year I made a determined attempt to 'keep my foot in' over the finish line, but the video clearly show's me lifting before the chequered finish boards. The data logging showed I dropped 6mph before I crossed the finish! - still probably only lost a few 100ths!


Paul Thompson