Dean's GT-R build thread

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. I have been working on the car quite a bit but I'm at the stage where I have had the body on and off 10 times working on details, I've removed all the wiring I had done to do a cleaner job, the pedals are back out for the same reason. There has been about as much "take apart" as there has been "put together". But it is an amazing car to watch come together.

So thank you for your patience. I wouldn't normally skip forward in a story but I want you to see what it actually looks like. I'm not going to answer any questions and I'll continue to give you a solid build thread but allow me to jump ahead a little and share with you what is my garage. It's still up on stands but you get the idea.

Inspection camera and go inside most or the ones we inspected from that company and everyone else shot them down as far as you can see. I made a flexible shaft with flapper wheel and then had a sprayer head made that had a 30° cone pattern with a pressure detent that would quit spraying under 30 psi on a hose and we push it all the way through the tube and start spraying and pull it through at an even pace. Worked great! Rod

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...most or the ones we inspected from that company and everyone else shot them down as far as you can see.
Rod, I think (the headers are completely coated inside) but do you really know? Jet Hot did it.
This exchange made me I emailed Jet Hot and asked. Dan Groff replied and stated: "Yes, we coat 100% of your headers inside and out."

;) :chug:

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Did you ask how by chance just curious?
No. 'Didn't figure the specifics mattered if in fact they achieve 100% coverage as claimed...and, barring any evidence to the contrary, there's no reason to assume Mr. Groff was 'fibbing' about that. (And I doubt he would have given how easy it would be [for any customer who wanted to check] to run a scope from end-to-end on any or all of the primaries in any set of headers they'd coated.) ;)
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I am currently installing a stock 2015 Ford Coyote engine into a RCR GT-R and I can help you concerning your question. I will try to PM you with my comments.
Is Dean ok? His photobucket is down and no updates for 5 months doesn't seem like his pattern.

Hope all is well. Looks like I'm getting mine soon, Dean.
Sorry guys, I've had a few curves thrown at me and the car has been on the back burner. My wife and I became foster parents for a 17 year old girl about the time I went missing around here. It has been a joy but not without some daily concerns. It is truly heart breaking to see and hear how some kids exist. In some cases it is really day to day with problems I couldn't even imagine from my big comfortable life. Anyway, we are blessed to have her.

The car has been started and FAST/Comp Cams built a custom wiring harness to run the coyote with variable timing and it was amazing until the engine locked up on the dyno! So the engine is back with Ford for dissection.

My photobuck is unlocked again, I think. Who knows what is actually going on there.

I think it's time for the final sprint to the finish. Let's get this car done!
My engine is at Ford right now. I hope to have an answer from them next week as to who is paying for my new engine. The tub is ready to be picked up from the upholstery shop so things can start going back together for the last time.