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You may all know about this site already, but there are some good detail photos and restoration info. there. It all has to do with original cars, but may be helpful or, at least, interesting. I only hope to have a nice replica soon, but this would make anyone wish his ship would come
in. The website is


Brian Kissel

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Hello Scott !

I think you missed putting in the link to the site ! I always enjoy seeing what or how others are doing their builds or restorations.
Regards Brian
This site was discussed previously....debating how much
"restoration" is too much. Also the fact this shop
refuses to sell repair panels...only created for their use.
Still, the workmanship is unquestioned...and neither
is the cost.


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As I was looking at this site ( was wishing that had a gallery of everybody's cars. It's such a great site, but since so many of you guys have esceptionally cool GTs it would be wonderful to be able to look at all of them.