DigiDash & senders ?

I am helping Mesa with the wiring on on his car. It's time to connect the senders. Planning on oil pressure sender to go into the Accusump line. Water temperature sender is going on the passenger side radiator. I'm wondering where to put the oil temperature sender? It is a wet sump with Accusump oiling.
As Will said. Just be aware that if you drill and tap the stock cover that it will crack after a few track days.

The aftermarket ones from Lingenfelter, Mast Motorsports, ect are great. But I would personally get a dual outlet one, and then hook stainless -3 lines to them and remote mount the senders with adel clamps on the firewall. You will want to hook the oil pressure to this location as well since the accusump line wont ever see a pressure drop.

For the water temp sender I would get a metric thread to -3 adapter and install it into the factory cylinder head location. That way you get actual coolant temp readings.
Thanks for the reply's. Will I don't think that adapter will work in our application. LS7x motor. Rob is using a remote oil filter. The current thinking is t o tee off the inlet to the oil filter. I think this will also address Luke's concern about constant pressure on the Accusump. Luke, this motor does not have factory heads. Luke, the "factory water temp sender is going to the ECU. We need a seperate sender for the DigiDash. Tapping off the same sender would change the resistance and throw the reading off. I am learning about ECU's. I am thinking it looks at water temp to decide when to turn on the cooling fans. I don't think it cares if there is oil pressure or what temperature f the oil is. My discussion with Ted gleaned that the oil temp should be in a place with oil flow. That sounded reasonable to me. Thanks for the help as feel my way along here.
Aftermarket heads should still have a removable plug for a coolant sender. Each head should have one. See if you can remove the m8 plug. Drill a hole in the plug and tap it for 1/4" npt. Then you will have a free adapter.