Door latch

Does anyone know what the brand and model number is for the universal door latch provided by RCR for the SL-C. The one on the passenger side (inside the door) has failed and I would like to replace with the same one so that I don't have issues with door and striker alignment. Mine were already installed by RCR before shipping.
Thanks but the measurement for the current set is 3.75" X 1.25"; the Dakota ones are 4.5 x 1.75. I am most interested in getting a set that has the same location for the striker so I don't have to move them.
A good number of folks are going with electric actuators for their doors - so I’d put out a request to one of those builders as they’re likely not using their latches. I’d also try reaching out to Allan, he may be sitting on a stockpile of them if his clients didn’t want those as shelf ornaments.