Door sealing issues at high speed? Design flaw?

see this video

Around min 3, as the car is hitting its speed max, the doors look like they are separating from the body. I can't tell if it is downforce on the body, or pressure venting from the cabin. But that behavior can't be right? Someone has to know the owner. Is this a behavior all SLC have, or is something unique here. It is the first time I have seen video of a slc from this angle.



I remember reading a road test of Bill Thomas' "Cheetah" in an old magazine where they said that it was the only car they ever tested that blew its own doors off.

Ken Roberts

That car was built by Dean Lampe. He has a build log on here (I bumped it back up to the top). It was built as a race car only so sealing the cab was not a big consideration.
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Yeah, so is pressure differential in side to out, or air acting on the doors? Seems sealing might not help too much, there really isn't anything holding that back corner of the door closed

Ken Roberts

The car has full side windows so I would guess the interior is pressurizing at high speed. Top front and sides of the foot box should be carefully sealed where the foot box meets the body.

Fran Hall RCR

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physics can’t be beaten
nothing has changed during the last 50 years from a gt40 to an SLC
in reality i’m happy to have my SLC share the same issues a multi million dollar design team had .. in fact the most expensive race program in history
it’s an easy fix though in reality
feel free to call the factory for a solution in your SLC