DRB gt40 parts needed

hi all i have just purchased a DRB gt40 kit that has been untouched since it was picked up 1998. i have contacted DRB but no response as they have closed.
im chasing parts for the build.
build manual
front and rear lighting
front and rear suspension
just for starters any help would be appreciated
Try kopelkekitcars.com new owners of the DRB moulds. They will have head lights I believe, tail lights best search here most use Fiat 850 replica lights. Suspension likely to be c4 vette up front rear would have been bespoke so likely you will need to make something up your self. Kopelkekitcars.com have a completely new chassis so likely will not be any help with suspension or build manual stuff.

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com Steve... This forum and the build logs are probably the best source of reference material.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome Steve. As Mike said, the DRB's as far as I know used the C4 Corvette suspension. Just want to throw it out there, but I have a few sets of BRAND NEW Corvette upper and lower control arms, and also GM wheel bearings that I purchased from GM. I am in the states so it's a bit of a ways to ship, but they are available should you need them.

Regards Brian
DRB had their own bespoke rear suspension upright. It used a bolt on C4 Vet hub carrier i believe.
ask @kaspa what he used as he had a set of the DRB uprights on his Steinard open wheeler.
thanks for everyones help.. would any of the other kit car builder rear units fit or come close?????? i really want to start and finish the build just bit overwhelmed at moment. ive looked at the build logs and they have helped but the build manual would make life a bit easier as in what parts i need to chase up ie door locks handles etc