dropped floor tray

Whats common drop size for a dropped floor tray. I need to build one.
I have an issue a Gurney bubble won't solve..
So I like to know what a common drop would be.
Got a sheetpanel floor now and would like to upgrade to alluminium. What thickness should I use.



Bill Kearley

For what it's worth? Cut a square out of your floor and form an alum tray with ribs to stiffen, set in from the top and rivet in place. 1/8 with ribs in the right places would suffice. keep ground clearance in mind.
Ive dropped mine by 40mm just over 1.5". I have a Tornado chassis and I fabricated a sub-frame that bolts on to the underside of the existing chassis rails which tapers down at the front to prevent a step in the floor pan. I did this so that it could be removed if necessary, although you would still need to replace the seat supports. I looked at the "tray" type and thought I could do something more creative ( and cheaper)
You may want to try putting the back of your seat all the way up against the bulkhead. I dont have a picture of my seat handy, but it hinges in the middle where the top and bottom half meet so you can adjust the slope. I am 6'2" and lay back in my seat and clear with about an inch to spare in my RCR. (no bubble, but I do need one for the track) . Scott

Ian Anderson

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Move the pedals forward.
Chris Edwards - Chairman of the Enthusiasts club many years back had a KVAc Type and moved the pedals
He got in it with helmet for track days no problem

I believe he is 6'5" - I know I look up to him and I am 6'3"

I tried his car and had to streach for the pedals

It probably will be a combination of dropping the floor and bubble on top.

First thing to tackle is my knees get stuck under the dash meaning I can not move my feet from pedal to pedal and I can not push the brake.
I had the same issue in your GT40, Geert-Jan while Linda sat comfortably in it.
Next thing is my head.

Another thing is ground clearance, thats why I asked everybody.
I need 3.5cm floordrop atleast, so the all suggested 1½in which is about 4cm floor drop should still work OK with ground clearance.

Next, I need an avarage drivers position.
Its my wifes GT40. She's building it, she pays for it and I am co-building it. She's shorter than me and has no issues at all.
She don't need a floor drop and so on.
So we need a good driver position for her, and for me just to be able to drive the GT40 also.....

Bye the way, Its a KVA "B" chassis. one of only three made all with Jaguar suspension.
Would quick change seats be an idea, his / hers. A lot of room can be had that way.
Thats a damn fine idea.."swappable" seats would do the job....... passenger seat becomes drivers and vice versa. a secure QR latching system would be perfect.......