DTM- Oliver Jarvis

I know this may not be everyones "Cup of Tea" but for those who are interested (In Australia) they are screening a round of the DTM from Zandvort tonight on Channel 10 Digital. My godson (Oliver Jarvis) drives for Audi and this is his best effort to date.

This is the series that David Morton used to provide weather forecasting services ( Sorry if thats rather an agricultural description David)

Hi Iain,

The motorsport coverage on digital 10 is fantastic. Saw that the DTM race coming on at 8.30 so I thought kill some time on the forum and saw your post.

I'll certainly keep an eye out for your godson Oliver!


David Morton

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That's fine by me. Oliver is going great guns and I hope he can do something similar in Oschersleben for the next round. It will rain at that next race - it's just the extent that will vary. The downside at the moment is Mercedes are pulling away from Audi in the championship so I hope Oliver can do something to remedy that.
Well Iain,

Couldn't help but keep an eye out for Oliver, pole position and front runner! Pity his tyres in the closing stages let him down from the early stop strategy.

Are you still scheduled to run the 40 at Phillip Island later in the year?

Hi Andrew,

We had the car out today for a shake down after a new engine, everything went well. We have sacrificed a bit of top end HP for some low - mid range torque. Felt fantastic, but when you step into a car like this after driving the shopping trolley it always feels fantastic !

I will be a Phillip Island if I have to push it there myself

Oliver had his second place re-instated after a stewards enquiry.......