Dzus ehf6 wings


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I have 100 of these old stock.

These are carbon steel and have a 3mm tab for inserting into the counterbore in the stud slot.
If you are using different studs you can cut the tab off and solder the wing in.

Selling a pack of ten for £10 plus £3 UK shipping.

PM me if interested.

First come first served.



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OK I am not used to selling things and gave this a try.

I have shipped packets today to:
Scott (2)
Elliot (2)
Andy (1)
Nick (1)
Ellis (1)

Three packs of ten remaining.

I am clearing up some shelf space and will be selling several rarer GT40 parts over the next weeks or so.

Thanks all :thumbsup:
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AlL of your packages have been shipped so you should receive them soon.
If you have any issues please send me a PM
Thanks again.


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John / Darnel
I have a few left over from a batch which I got years ago from a member - possibly twenty or so and I will have a look for them. They might be stainless however.
Send me your address details on a PM and I will try to help out.
John Runyan 12635 Itaska Walk Milton GA 30004 . I need 8 I measured the ones on my car and they are 5/8 of a in long from top of head to the tip of dzus . please let me know how much they will be Thank you ! Mine look like a regular dzus