Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

All thanks to Earth's newest religion!
What was it again? "New Ice Age"? "Global Warming"?
Oh yeah! "Climate Change"! Kind of a catch-all, that should fool them! Now where's that Kool-aid...

Actually, once battery technology is improved, these EV hypercars are going to have us forgetting about ICE remorse pretty quickly.
10 years and gas cars will be gone............................ Colin must be rolling over................. When there are only electric cars............there will be no cars...........shortly thereafter.

And I'll be in my 80's and wont be too concerned, might have to breed a couple of ponies to tow my mobility scooter...
And I'll be in my 80's and wont be too concerned, might have to breed a couple of ponies to tow my mobility scooter...
Exactly my friends car mad 12 year old son fully accepts and is not concerned he will not be driving around in an infernal combustion engined car. We are looking at the future world and not liking it through our eyes not those who will be living in it. Those in formula E seem to enjoy themselves.

Not fortunate enough to have ever met you but I imagine your mobility scooter will be more like this

Ian Anderson

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How is Cali' electrical grid going to hold up to that when they cannot handle a hot day now.... Thank God, Texan by birth and made it back here 24 years ago.....
If the bikers buy these then it's over:

I have always been told, a true biker.... builds his own bike.
I build my four bikes including my wifes daily ('87 vt1100 fully custom), still have them all, including a '78 Yoshimura GS1000 GP bike Sound revs smell.
A lezzy bike...... a real biker won't admire. Probably a wanabe with money to spent will do.
It will be quite a long time before gas/diesel power will be eliminated in most areas. Its only going to be eliminated by the market.These co.s know where the money is.Thats the cities and suburbs.Electric makes good sense there and will catch on. Everywhere else just depends on the battery tech and progress with wind and solar.
Most of us will be dead or infirm by the time electric is mandatory. I'm not worried.
Bigger worry is can I still get in and out of a 40 after age 80 ?
Actually new electric F150 at 775 lb. ft. torque is impressive.
Makes my old 460 with 395 lb. ft. look puny !

Howard Jones

This is going to happen much MUCH faster than most people think. Once they get enough voters in electric cars they will raise taxes on gas cars until they are gone. It won't take that long. If I had to bet your money I would say that in 10 years or less 50% of the vehicles sold will be electric, there will be anti gas car laws in place in most cities and lefty states, and taxes on gas and road users will be more than double what they are today.

Power grid? People are not smart enough to understand the problem. And when it overwhelms them the answer will be to..........................you got it, raise taxes on electric cars or restrict use. As in, you can charge your car only on even days if your address is even. What do you think the smart meters are for?

It's gonna look like Holland when everybody has a wind generator on their roof to charge their car. Go ahead and laugh...............remember I called it here.

I think my next project is going to be a blown Hemi in a Prius!
As the owner of 20+ cars and several bikes I find this fear mongering about electric cars and renewable energy sad and bewildering.
I can’t wait to get my first electric vehicle. They are great when used sensibly

The problem I have with modern vehicles is all the unnecessary gizmos and things like logging and tracking.

I've had solar and batteries on my houses for years, they work brilliantly and have saved me a fortune - not to mention the environmental benefits.
Trying to leave a bit less of a mess isn’t such a bad thing is it? Especially now that electric vehicles are getting so good.

Don’t get me wrong, I can moan with the best of you, but this is just stubborn silliness.
I guess it must have been like this when horse and cart enthusiasts felt change in the air. Good thing the Amish are showing us all the way…

I worked for a short time at CSIRO and spoke to scientists about global warming etc at length quite a few times. Still waiting for my conspiracy cheques…

Totally with you on this Howard. My son works in a government safety lab and his group is tasked specifically with testing the combustibility of all types of batteries for EVs. When an individual cell ignites, it goes off like a blow torch, and the chain reaction when the cells are in close proximity (in their normal position in a battery) is nothing short of violent. In addition his lab monitors all gases/chemicals released in the reaction and has found some pretty toxic stuff being released including hyrofluoric acid, one of the most reactive and corrosive substances. They have also found that the state-of-charge of a cell contributes significantly to the amount of energy released in the fire.
Now imagine a parking garage some time in the future under a condo block, full of overnight charging EVs. The amount of energy that could potentially be released is huge and the results could be devastating.
Do you think I'm fear-mongering or just putting 2 and 2 together?
And while I'm on my soap box, the way the world is sleep-walking into accepting auto-driving cars just amazes me. I get that it's being sold as something that will safe thousands of lives and countless accidents (maybe), but think of the 100's of thousands of jobs that will be lost globally; truckers, bus/coach drivers, taxi drivers, delivery van drivers, ambulance/paramedic drivers, the list goes on and on. To me it's a zero sum game where a few very rich people (Musk) will get a lot richer but massively more people will lose their livelihoods. Where's the trade-off analysis?
I'm sure I'll be viewed as an out-of-touch dinosaur by some on here , but seriously, why is there so little scrutiny being performed BEFORE major changes are made. I fully agree with Howard's comments on the power grid and taxes - as sure as night follows day.
I'll get off my soap box now.....

Ron Earp

We have two electric cars in our household and are going on seven years of combined experience with them. Absolutely love them. Smooth, quiet, and give outstanding performance. We have traveled throughout most of the SE US electric only and neither one of us wants to use an ICE car for much of anything. I realize electric cars are not the solution for everyone though, but they are a good solution for a significant portion of the population's driving needs. I can definitely state that our two EVs have been absolutely trouble free with over 85000 miles of driving - new tires, washer fluid, cabin filter - that is it. Nothing else.

We only have the truck and the race car now that are ICE. I can't see replacing the truck anytime soon with anything electric as the battery power density just isn't there yet. A 500 mile one way tow is not all that uncommon for an extended race weekend and there isn't enough time to be charging an electric truck for that travel, even if a 200kW/hr charge rate could be sustained from start to finish on the system, and that can't happen. So for the foreseeable future we'll have the truck to tow the race trailer but I have to say it gets very little use outside of that duty. Oh, and I still have two ICE motorcycles. I've ridden the new Zero and a Livewire, great machines, but for what I like to do with motorcycles electfic just isn't there for me. Yet.

I'm not a fan of the self-driving features though and as far as the Tesla goes, the most-well known "self driving car", I do not think they will achieve more than a level two self driving feature with cameras only (they just dropped radar off the M3/Y platform). To truly achieve a level four or five capability they'll need to employ radar, lidar, and probably restrict full driving to areas they have carefully mapped, such as the way GM is going about it. Anyhow, the Tesla makes far too many mistakes and questionable actions in my experience while Full Self Driving or EAP, I've experience with both, and it is nowhere near replacing a human behind the wheel despite what you might read on the Tesla fanboi sites. Besides, with EVs the focus isn't on the self driving features only a few of them offer, instead it is on the advantages of a pure electric drive train.

Anyhow, EV change is on the horizon and based on my experience I embrace it. Cool stuff and an area where American car companies are doing very well. Those of you that have not driven an electric car give one a try. Try out a Mach E, Tesla, Bolt, or some other EV. I'll be very surprised if you don't enjoy it.
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