Engine Builders & Covid

Rod Dittmar

Are others having problems getting engines from builders due to Covid & subsequent supplier issues? I placed an order with Craft Performance Engines 13 months ago and still don't have it. Email requests for an update have gone unanswered and bi-monthly phone calls are always met with the response that, due to supplier/Covid issues, it will be another 2-3 weeks before your engine will be finished. Last call was 3 weeks ago and the promise was just a few more days. They are always courteous & friendly on the phone, and this builder came highly recommended, but those things are wearing thin at this point. However, I don't necessarily want to thrash a good builder if others are having similar problems. Thoughts?
I have having an engine built for my 289 FIA cobra and my engine builder let me know that parts are scarce. Had a custom cam ground and the cam grinder was down to just two SBF billets. I have heard that Comp cams is 500+ cams in arrears and that there are no Dart cast iron heads available for at least 6 weeks. I heard that Scat is very low on cranks. All engine builders are running into the same problems, with factories closed and limited shipments from overseas, there will be a delay and there is not much the engine builder can do about it. Hang in there.

I ordered my engine from Steve at Proformance Unlimited in Florida back in July/August and he was about a month behind schedule. He thought he would have it done by the end of November but it finished and shipped right after the new year. Steve is the owner and was extremely easy to contact and talk to. He also coordinated with Fran a few times which was great. They also provide a 2 year warranty and created really nice video and pics for me.


Randy V

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I have nothing other than my suspicious nature to blame - but at almost a year down the road, I suspect that blaming Covid has become an easy way to explain a company's inability to perform at this point. Not to sound too harsh, but if your company has delivery problems dues to Covid, you should probably alert your customers up front that lead times are expanded etc..

Ed McClements

There are currently huge issues with the global supply chain, in particular containerised shipping. At some stage, 80% of world trade is seaborne, and there are queues and lack of capacity at many of the big ports.

An engine builder who, for the past 20-odd years, has become used to receiving needed components in a week or two might just not be aware of the global issues causing these delays.

Dave Hood

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Prestige Motorsports (located in Concord, NC) built a new engine for me in the Spring of 2020. No delays at all, and they were great to deal with. Very good reputation and they're developing a solid global customer base.