Eric Broadley

Brian Kissel

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RIP Eric. The Lola T70 MKIIIB was the baddest car ever in my opinion. THANK YOU Eric for that.
Regards Brian
seems like the history writers are moving on way to fast for me to catch up and learn about them!

Thank you for the great history you left for the world to enjoy!
RIP Eric. I met Eric a few years ago when visiting his home as my then capacity as chairman of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. He made me a cuppa tea and was a true gentleman. He had many stories to retell and these were published in the club magazine at the time. Yes, an awful lot of people of that era are now passing away. Condolences to his family.. Andrew


Met him a couple of times in the John Surtees era. Just an old school engineer designing stuff by instinct and coming out very well...

Brown coat, biros & pencils in top pocket..

Aero changed the game for these chaps...

RIP Eric.. Thanks for the MKIIIB mate. Bad-ass & my my all time favourite, plus all the other '60's sports racers, including the GT40 perhaps? :laugh:
I did not meet him but saw him at the Lola anniversary at Huntingdon Gave my book the "Ford that beat Ferrari" to lady to give to him for a autograph. It came back with John Surtees autograph the Ferrari works driver. I do not think that he was a Ford fan after the way they treated him. My condolances to his family and RIP Eric Broadley.
Regards Allan