F1 2022

It's hard to count out MBZ, as Hamilton is magic in the racecraft department, we'll see what Russell is made out of on race day with that pile under him. But then, he did used to drive a Williams.....

I call the manufactures like this;
Ferrari - best two driver combo and best looking car ;) (Carlos needs better consistency)
Red Bull - second best two drivers (Perez needs more Sunday speed)
MBZ - third best drivers (although if Russel can turn into Mr. Sunday then who knows)

Leclerc wins over Max (if Ferrari can keep it together)

Haas 5th overall (requires that the second driver improves substantially)
Valeri beats Russell in the championship (serious long shot)

- Flame suit on -

Bill Kearley

Howard I think you'r pritty close but I think Mercedes will come alive when they sort out the car, soon I hope. I do think Ham deserves # 8
Carlos got the short end in qually, bummer. Mercedes showed remarkable race pace, George looking good. One of my favorite settings for a track.
Switching over to IndyCar - Herta just can't get a break, dominates again, crappy pit stop helps lead to the result.
And another thing. I hear the announcers state the new tire/wheel combination weighs 27 kilos/60 pounds per......really? I think not.
Hoping the Team budget caps starts to have an effect in the 2023 season. 2022 was pretty much a repeat of prior seasons with unlimited budgets - Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc. all taking the top spots as usual.

Love to see Alfa Romeo or Aston or one of the historically smaller and less-well-funded teams begin to take the spot light and podium. Would be a welcome change from the big-budget monotony of the last decade or so. Bottas or Gasly or Latifi should get some podiums instead of Max, Hamilton, etc.

I miss the days when a good driver in a really mediocre car could still win.