Ferrari 348 motor - front engine / RWD conversion

Jim Rosenthal

Nice work, although I did really like the IKEA trans adapter.

But when I went there, they didn't have a Ferrari parts dep't. I was sorely disappointed.
I am building a 348 motor to work in a front engine /rear wheel drive application.
Adapting a Ford bell housing and a Borg-Warner T5 transmission.
With the help of a friend (with a large CMM unit) I was able to measure the block and bell. I have created the CAD file for the adapter plate and I am sending that off for machining.

Other plans I will be documenting in this thread
355 crankshaft
Cylinder head work. Big valves, shim under, cams, porting
EFI with a Lancia Thema intake

Stay tuned
Reed H

Hi, could you please advise what brand bellhousing and starter motor you used for the 348 ferrari engine conversion and also what type of flywheel thank you, Lenny

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Lenny. This thread is from 2014, and the OP hasn’t logged in since July of 2020. So, I wouldn’t expect a reply, but perhaps someone else will chime in.

Regards Brian
Hi Lenny,

There won't be anything available off the shelf. I've done this for both Ferrari 360 and 488 twin turbo V8s. You'll need to have something machined from billet. The difficult part is measuring the bolt pattern on the 348 engine, and modeling it if you don't work with CAD. I had to model each one from scratch, working with a generic starter and custom / existing flywheel. The F355 should share the same flywheel and bolt pattern as the 348.