Fiero with longitudinal Audi V8

Back a few months a go i started putting an Audi 4.2 abz engine in a 88 Fiero Gt T Top car and it has been going great and i just want to share so i will post some of the pictures to date

the engine and transmission are all bolted in now it is on to the suspension then the wiring i am using a VEMS ecu from EFI Express i will just buy the harness plug shortly so i can do the wiring due to i don't have the money yet for the ecu but at least i will have it all wired so i will just need to plug the computer in and go
Nice setup, I like projects like that, I knew right away when I saw the thread title that you were going to lose some of your "boot" space as it is called, but I would bet it is worth it.
I would guess now its matching up halfshafts, exhaust, wiring and cooling system etc. so keep posting with photos.
Have you thought about a radius rod on the lower wishbone? It really helps to stabilize those stamped steel units with rubber bushes.
i have thought about radius rods with hiem ends but for now it will just be stock with polly bushings. I have been having a good time doing this project i would love for it to run by mid October but i don't know if i will have th funds to do all that needs to be done by then but it will be on the road next summer. I am thinking of doing a chop top of 3 inches this lays the windshield down and looks great and V8 Archie makes a wide body kit for about $2000 then i could put some 315 tires on the back

chop top wide body picture
That's a fun project you got going. My teacher told me once (as I went to school for GM) that Pontiac experimented with the Fiero and dropped a Cady Northstar motor into it. Apparently it hauled and could beat a Vette at half the cost. When GM found out, they told Pontiac to get rid of it and don't do it again.

On another note, there was a recall on the Fiero's that I think you should look into for the sake of safety. Something with the electronics I believed it was where the wires in the dash or something would short causing a fire. That's how it got the nickname of "fire-O". Maybe you should check to see if the recall has been already addressed with your car. I would hate to hear it went up in flames. Cheers
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Ya a few have been know to burn due to a couple of things first the 4 cylinder engine would blow and kick a rod threw the side of the oil pan putting oil on the hot cat for a nice ball of flame Pontiac fixed it with the heat shield the engineers told them to put their in the first place and the other is up front leaves collect in an area where there is a hot resistor and catches them on fire so that should be checked and cleaned out
well i thought i would put a few more pics of how it is coming along. I built a megasquirt 2 to run the engine and i have built a wiring harness but that needs routed. i have a boxster shfter with the cables in it but now it is winter and i dont have the money to put into it due to need to buy fuel for the house but as soon as spring come i will be back at it

the las pic is what i want the front end to look like i have the nose but i need to get 3000 gt headlights

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Looks like you've had some fun with it!

How does it handle?
transaxle is 2000 passat 012 i will not chop i had a chop top they look geat but i hit my head every time getting in right now i am working on putting a eaton m122 supecharger off a 2010 Shelby GT500 it handles like it is on rails