Finally a GT40 Owner!

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
Take good care of Fred's car! That is one of the best built-out GT40s out there. We were pleased to have worked with Fred and to have supplied the chassis to him. Some pictures for the image hungry:
Cramer GT40 016.JPG
Cramer GT40 008.JPG
top mtd fuel delivery.JPG
Cramer GT40 009 (1024x768).jpg
Cramer GT40 016.JPG


Great looking car. Any ideas what mirrors you'll run on it assuming you will add them.
It already has mirrors. They are mounted to the window via a bracket that uses the window mounting holes. They are carbon fiber but painted black, so tough to see in the pictures. Best part is no holes in the body!
Congratulations! Fred’s car was the only preowned GT40 I considered when I was looking. A fantastic car and great person! Fred still helps me out on my new build, even though I didn’t buy his car. A stand up guy for sure!