Fitting A/C unit

Hi there fellow GT40ers,
Does anyone know of an outfit around the London Herts Essex Buck's area with experience of fitting an A/C unit...?? Help badly needed to sort a retro fit... Thanks in advance for any responses...:)

Stephen Ducker

GT40s Supporter
This is the company I use, & have also done work on some of my colleagues vehicles. We've all been very happy with the service & advice we've received. Last time I was there they were sorting out the air con on an Ultima, they can build you a refridgerated van, anything air con or related diagnostics is right up their street !
I realise their location might be too far away for you though.
Regards Steve.

Into Cool
Unit 1, Sand Island Centre, Burnham Business Park, Springfield Road, Burnham on Crouch, Essex, CM0 8TE
Tel: 01621 786519
[email protected]
Thanks for this Steve..... When you say worked on your car was that a retro fit to a GT40...?... Essex not miles away so might be worth putting in a call... It's wanting to find the right guys who are trustworthy snd have specific GT install experience...
Anyway thanks and a very Happy New Year...

Stephen Ducker

GT40s Supporter
Hi Marcus,
No it wasn't a GT40. (Fiesta ST & Ka) I still haven't reached the dizzy heights of GT ownership yet........
It's a small family company so perhaps you would like to email or phone them with your initial thoughts / questions ?
( You'll find Chris can talk all day about air conditioning ! )
Happy new year to you, Regards Steve.