FORD G.T. Steering Wheel Center Cap Font

I take your point regarding trademarks and was waiting for someone to raise it, just wondered how long it would take.
I've been intouch in the past with a specialist in intellectual property and trademarks. I can only speak for the UK, but here we are fine under existing UK law,
Charlie I was sorry to see your post. First I'd like to say it was never my intent to rip anyone off. All I asked for was pictures and other information about the original Ford G. T. steering wheel center cap. The pictures and other information I've posted were either of original parts or CAD drawing I've made from that information. I would appreciate an apology for your unfounded remarks.
Just for the record, i offered you a blank badge FOC, in a PM, but received no reply...
Thanks Andrew I did receive your PM along with its generous offer. Not sure what happened to my reply I must have forgotten to press the send. One of the few good things about being 70 is I can now hide my own Easter eggs. Hopefully I'll remember long enough to send you a PM with my address. Thanks again.
Andrew I'm just checking. I haven't received the unpainted wheel center so would you please send me the tracking number.
The horn was on the turn stalk end. There is no power to the steering wheel center
That's what I was thinking. Seems I now have another question for my build, but as its not an original, I will ask it elsewhere.
Thanks one and all.