Francis Hall of RCR

I call him Francis, because I like the way it sounds! About a month ago, I sent an e-mail to RCR asking for info on custom headers. Knowing full well I was not going to buy any kit or anything else for that mater, Francis replied the same day with detail information. He knows what a cheap bastard I am, so we agreed on reworking my old headers, instead of purchasing one of his.

To make a long story short, we agreed on having my GTD header flanges reworked to suit my VicJ heads. He grinded/ported out the exhaust for better scavenging. The cost,,nothing yet, the shipping cost,,,,nothing yet. He better call soon. I might be deported to Mexico, then I will have to pay him in Pesos!!

I do not own an RCR and do not particularly care for “Automotive” business owners. Francis is a good guy and his product speaks for itself. But above all, what makes him great is that he can work with Rich Pompous Asses (just a few on this Forum) and the penny pinching cheap bastards like me.

If you are in the US and you are buying a GT40/T70/917 kit (not a turn key), why on earth are you going outside to buy your kit? We have ERA & RCR right here in our backyard. I doubt the folks (commoners anyway) outside of US are ordering ERA kits

YES, he does have a funny accent, and YES his ancestors do drive on the wrong side of the road, but he is here and you can always go to his shop and see “what’s up”.

Bottom line, he treated me more than fair. I would not hesitate on sending another “cheap bastard” to him.