Front Brakes, ERA GT40

Hello Everyone!
I'm building and ERA GT40 and we are struggling to find front brakes that will fit inside 15" wheels. The rotor is 11.5" and they are pin drive hubs. The brakes that ERA sent do not fit inside the wheel. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks!!
What did ERA send you? SPF uses Wilwood Forged Superlite 4 pot radial mount calipers for 15" wheels and 11.75" rotors. Don't know if that helps.
ERA sent Corvette brakes (see pics). The Wilwood Forged Superlite 4 has a 3.5" mount center distance. The ERA upright has a 5" mount center distance.


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+1 for the Corvette calipers, and no fitment issues, I'm not home until Thursday to access photos.
Do the Corvette series have all the same length lugs ? Appears they are sitting way too far outwards, pads not covering the disc and too much clearance under the bridge.



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It's been awhile, but are the uprights handed? I see a set of mounting tabs on the other side in the photo?
Clayton, You are correct. They are sitting too far out. The caliper bracket determines that. If the entire caliper and mount moved toward the center of the hub about 1/2", we would be OK. However, that is the only bracket ERA uses.
That looks like a fairly standard PBR manufactured caliper. I wonder if they would have an alternate mounting bracket for a smaller disc.
The early front uprights have a caliper hole pattern about 5.12". The horizontal distance (front/rear) is 5.08" between the top holes, 5.68" between the bottom holes (theoretically). That fits the caliper around an 11.5" rotor which fits in the original-style pin drive wheel.