FS: Vitaloni Sebring style wingmirrors (metal!)

I have a set of metal Sebring style mirrors.
These are NOT Vitaloni's, but from a different brand: AJW B'Ham.
They have exactly the same dimensions, the metal housing is identical except there is no 'Sebring' inscription.

The original Vitaloni is very rare and hard to find (and very expensive!) link

The chrome on these is degraded. But, unless you like this vintage look, these are perfect for sandblasting and re-chrome, paint or powder coat.

Price: €250,- (which is about $270,- / £218,-)

If the mirrors are marked 'AJW B'Ham' in-between the fixing studs then they are probably 'Les Leston Silverstone' Mirrors. These are definitely a very nice period mirror, very similar to the Vitaloni Sebring & I understand they were available in Chrome or Black.

I'm no historian & don't know if they were ever used on GT40's but I wouldn't be surprised if they were. Perhaps some of the more knowledgable forum members may know better?

Kind regards


Thanks Julian.
In my search for these Vitaloni Sebring mirrors I finally found a very nice set which I installed.
In my opinion, these are the nicest looking mirrors for the GT40 (certainly not the most functional).