G50/52, LS1 Adapter for sale

Hi All,

If anyone is interested, I have a 1991 C2 Turbo G50/52 factory LSD for sale. I bought the transmission for a Ferrari 288 GTO conversion project of mine, but since have discovered that inverting the transmission for mid engine use will cause me all kinds of grief in modifying the existing cars chassis. To solve the problem, I had to go with a non inverted modified Audi 01E.

I orginally bought this transaxle from Mr. Cory Jump (Owner of Planet 9 Eleven). You can view the original advertisement here on the Pelican Parts Forum: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-used-parts-sale-wanted/564740-g50-52-lsd-turbo-gearbox-c2-965-transaxle-2.html

The transaxle is in great shape, no leaks, and was in a running car maintained by Mr. Jump prior to its sale to me. It has approximately 60,000 miles on it. Mr. Jump assured me that it was in perfect shape and I have no reason to doubt him.

I am not interested in making a profit, but would like to get my investment back. I bought the transaxle for $6,500 and would like the same. The transaxle is in Honolulu, Hawaii. Yes, shipping is expensive from Hawaii, but am willing to assist in this area if you live in the 48 continental US States. I am willing to consider offers, but the first $6,500 will take it.

Please look at the attached pictures, you will notice that I cleaned the transaxle a bit. I have also included pictures of a spare mid case and the end case of a C4 transaxle. With the end case, you can purchase and end cap from California Motorsports to shorten the overall length of the transaxle, or go with their side shifter modification and still have a case to return it to stock. I bought them both for about $500, but will consider offering them if you take the transaxle.

One last thing. I bought a new KEP LS1 (also works with LS2, LS3, and LS6) engine adapter, clutch and throwout bearing) which works with this transaxle. I believe I paid roughly $2,000 (Sorry I have to check my invoice) but will let it go for $1,500. If someone wants the trans and the adapter, I will consider coming down on the price.

Lastly, I will be away from home for a few days but will be checking my email and the forums.

Best Regards,
Alan Ing
[email protected]


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