G50 Oil Capacity

OK, maybe my searches are not good, but I can't seem to find anything. I can find the capacity from the book and such (3.6 liters if I recall), but can't seem to find any discussion on if that changes when you run inverted like in a GT. I realize that the capacity will change based on volume in oil coolers, lines, etc. How should one go about figuring what your transmission oil capacity should be? Do you put in the 3.6 liters and figure that is good inverted or not? Do you have to figure out where 3.6 liters would be on a "normal" configuration and then go to the same line inverted? Has someone already calculated this?

Howard Jones

From my thread,

So I got a call back from California Motorsports. They built my G50-01/03. It has a short tail cover, Quaife TBD, taller German 1st and 2nd gears along with steel syncros and a billet side plate.

They are saying 4 quarts or 3.7 liters for my flipped (input shaft below output shafts) version.

This is the same amount recommended for a normally installed (input shaft above output shafts) G50-50 whereas the G50-01/03 calls for 3.4 liters.

So there we go! A gal it is!