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I turned a shift nob out of Walnut for my RCR GT40. About 10years ago. Oiled walnut finish still looks great. I am a retired Professional wood turner. Could turn shift knobs out of just about any wood or some types of plastic. I would need outside profile dimensions and tpi of inside threads.

Ron Scarboro

GT40s Supporter
I'm in for one if to original specs and not stupid $$$. I'd prefer the walnut. I currently plan to turn myself to the Superformance dimensions which I'm sure are incorrect.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
This is the one I talked to you about, I finally found it again. There are repros of the FAV supplied knob in the works we will have available in the not too distant future.
If somebody want a 3D Logo, i can send it: The big one has a diameter from 75mm and cost € 15.-- + Shipping, and the small one has a diameter from 28mm and cost € 8.-- + shipping. If somebody want the complete gear knob and i can also make this.
Hi Guys, sorry for the late response. I would ship from Germany. I have only the 2 diameter ( 28 mm and 75 mm ) I will check the shipping to USA. The wood knop with the logo costs € 55.-- + shipping. You can pay via paypal.

The shipping for the logos is € 5.-- and for the gear knob is € 25.--
1x Logo 28 mm € 13.-- incl. Shipping USA
1x Logo 75 mm € 20.-- incl. Shipping USA
1x Gear Knob with logo € 80.-- incl. Shipping USA
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