Gear/shift knob


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I just spoke with these guys about possibly doing a group by and they're checking right now with their wood guy to see if they would be interested in making a bunch of these shifter knobs. All and any who are interested please respond here so we can see how many will be needed. I myself would be getting 2.


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Once he gets back to me I will let you guys know what the minimum amount for ordering will be. Also how much moola per pc.


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I think they were specific to the GT40 and made out of walnut.
They were made in either plain Walnut or Ebonite to an FAV drawing.
The Ebonite ones start as a dark brown or black blank but the material oxidises over time with UV light or sweat which turns the knob mustard yellow hence the lighter ones in some older photos.
Those red/black GT medallions on Luft Kraft were made by me and the guys at LK made the knobs for Mike as well as doing helluva nice work on his car.