Gen 3 Coyote manifold issue

Hello All,

I am new here and I apologize if this question has been asked already and has been answered. I want to put a Gen 3 coyote crate engine in my GT40 but can anyone answer me on what exactly needs to be done with turning the manifold around? If there a manifold i can buy to simplify this? I have heard the OEM manifold you cannot just turn around and modifications need to be made. Also, if there is a " plug and play" manifold i can order to put on the gen 3 what else needs to be done with the tuning aspect. Thank you.
you need to remove a locating pin on the bottom of the manifold where it meets the cylinder head. Can do it with a knife or grinder. It is just a plastic piece. You may also need to trim around the water neck to clear.