GoPro in a GT40

Hi all,
I just took an awesome 35 minute drive in the GT40 with a GoPro mounted on the firewall inside the cabin! The video is great but the sound is terrible? Where do you guy's mount your GoPro's to get good sound without all the "extra" noise? Please help
You could try an external microphone for the sound:


I have one but haven't had chance to try it out yet. Just be sure to get the correct cable to connect it. A lot of the cheap ones on amazon won't work on the newer GoPros (Hero4). I ended up getting the one from GoPro

GoPro - 3.5mm Mic Adapter - Connect a 3.5mm microphone to your GoPro

I have a handlebar mount that will mount on the bar I have for the harness belts. It will mount between the seats.


I am also going to mount a cheaper GoPro in the nose to get a low road shot to cut into videos. This should give the true sense of speed. I also have a third camera with a vacuum mount that I can move around the car.

I have also found a good android app (free) to capture the speed, map and gforce data. I have tested it by just hand holding the GoPro in my usual car. It looks to work great.

The car is currently having some work done so I haven't had chance to try everything out and post any results yet

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I think to get any type of decent sound, you'd need an external mic. Probably mounted near the exhaust. If you look on YouTube, you'll see a number of examples from other people who have mounted GoPros to cars.
I put one on the dashboard on the left side with the sticky mount - it came off without pulling the paint off. It rattled around in the case a bit but captured the sound well. Put David Hidalgo, GT40, watkins glen in the YouTube search and you can see it (2012)


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GOPRO sound is pretty bad. I have a little Zoom mic recorder that I plug a Rode mic into and then sync it back up during post processing.

I don't have a GoPro but I have dealt with wind issues with my miniature cameras such as the Mobius and RunCam. I have had pretty good success with just putting some small bits of high density foam such as the backing on Dynamat etc. and taping it over the microphone opening. It doesn't negate the sound but does cut down on the wind noise. I will be purchasing Majix Movie Editor Pro(or similar) and edit in a sound track from another camera mounted in the engine bay. I will of course leave in any audio from the main cabin when not doing 60-70mph. I like that Android app and will look into it later on. I also have a Sony Board camera(38mm x 38mm square with 800 tvl) that I use for dedicated rear viewing that is tied into a monitor. This one I will get a mini DVR unit to record any thing I can get from that camera.
Which lens are you guys using on your cameras. I think if you check out the assortment of lenses you can get for your cameras, that the more flat(90-120 degree) lenses will give you much better(realistic) picture. Gets rig of some of that fish eye. Just my opinion.


Dave Hood

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It's been a while since this thread was created. I'm still struggling to find the best method for locating an external mic on my car with my GoPro Hero7. If anyone has found the ideal solution for locating the external mic and adjusting the GoPro audio settings, please let me know.