Gt 40 emblem/logo

I've looked and searched this site as well at the internet to see if anyone sells the GT40 Emblem/Patch/Logo. You know the one.....Red, White and Blue circle with FORD GT 40 inscripted in the white portion but I'll be damned if I can find them. I need two (@ 2.5"- 3" size) for a couple of shirts. Anyone know who sells them? I spoke to Fran Kress and he advised he does not sell them separately as his are embroidered onto his clothing line. Anyone? Thanks.
Hmmm... try forum member 'dicktownsend' in the UK.
He offers a lot of GT40 related merchandise so maybe he can organise some of these logos for you/others???
If you can send me a very good copy of the emblem you want, my wife can make them for you on her new embroidery machine.
The cost of materials and post will be very minimal as she is trying to get as much practice as possible.

Cheers Kevin B
All my shots of original emblems are taken at an angle. All I can find of a 'clean' image is this one from Ford 2006 DVD promo pack but the resolution is very small so maybe this is no use?
If it works then let me know the final price as I may have a couple myself!



The image is proabaly good enough place to start.
I will get her to enhance the image in Photoshop and make two embroided emblems - GT40 and Ford GT
Hopefully she will be able to get this done over next couple of days and I will post photos of the completed emblems for your comment.

Cheers KB
Kevin, Gents, Thanks a stack for your assistance. I'm interested in seeing what your wife can create Kevin. I've seen both FORD G.T. like CobraJet supplied and G.T. 40 (please check out the website for this logo)...either one is fine for my needs but I would probably like the G. T. 40 more. I'm also just a wee bit concerned the Ford people might have a problem with copyright on the use of the word "FORD". Not sure though. I have my money ready.
Hi Jimmy P

Re. your comment on ownership of the Ford brand, I did start to research this a few weeks ago thinking that I would find 'Safir GT40 Spares Ltd' as the registered owner in line with all the various internet claims & statements but the deeper I began to look into it then the more muddled the whole thing seemed to get, with various conflicting facts coming our of the woodwork.

On the face of it Ford seems to own the registered brand but beneath the surface the whole thing seemed so confusing & contradictory that I gave up in the end!

Maybe the Safir guys in the US can shed some light on the real story?
Paulus, thanks for your work on this matter. What is surprising to me is the fact no one is producing this logo.....or so it appears maybe its because no one can sort out the copyright issues. I learned some time ago trying to find GT40 specific items is not easy. I was hoping to hear from Kevin about his wife's efforts but in the meantime I've spoken to a local chap who has an embroidery business and he says he will produce the logo and the set up costs are not bad. I advised him to go with the G T 40 logo versus the FORD G.T. to avoid any copyright issues that might come up. My goal is to get the logo embroidered on a mechanics type shirt with other brand name patches to wear for car shows etc. Kinda silly but little did I know that by the time I finish this shirt I'll have spent quite a bit. Those period correct patches aren't cheap plus I'll have to pay to have them sewn on and before you know it I've got $100+ in the shirt. Thanks again.